Rise of Haunted Houses, PayPal's Advice for Washington, Neil Gaiman on Freelancing: Nov. 1

Illustration by André da Loba

Bob Tita talks to factory owners who are sticking with insurance plans, despite rising costs and new options under the Affordable Care Act. [Wall Street Journal]

There are 1,200 haunted houses in the U.S., making $500 million a year in revenue, says Tracy Byrnes (video). [Fox Business]

PayPal thinks the U.S. government should act more like a tech company when it regulates electronic payments, writes Lydia DePillis. [Washington Post]

Adrian Chen profiles Rob Rhinehart, who recently raised $1.5 million in venture capital for Soylent, powdered food replacement for geeks too busy to eat. [New York]

Lindsay Van Thoen digs up some advice on freelancing from author Neil Gaiman (video). [Freelancers Union]

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