Bank of England Recent Policy Comments and Decisions

The following is a compilation of policy statements and decisions from the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and Deputy Governors.

Nov. 28 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: Financial Stability Report Press Conference

“The package of measures I have described today will contribute to a constructive evolution of the housing market. By reinforcing financial stability, they further reinforce the MPC’s ability to provide exceptional -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 27 -- Ian McCafferty. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: Interview with Brentwood Gazette -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 26 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: Testimony to Treasury Committee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 21 -- Spencer Dale. Chief Economist VENUE: Interview with BBC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 15 -- Martin Weale. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: Speech in London

“The fact that, with forward guidance, we have set out policy explicitly with reference to inflation expectations means that we have to be much more rigorous than we were,” Weale said. “We cannot risk a situation where people say -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 14 -- David Miles. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Conference

“Monetary policy can be retained as a ‘last line of defense’ against risks to financial stability. Policy instruments more precisely targeted at the housing market can be helpful in dealing with situations where the level of -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nov. 13 -- Mark Carney. Governor VENUE: BoE Inflation Report press conference. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oct. 31 -- Martin Weale. Member Monetary Policy Committee VENUE: Interview with MNI --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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