Almost 11 Million in Bangladesh to Benefit From ADB Water Loan

Almost 11 million people in Bangladesh will benefit from a project loan to improve the water quality and bring new supplies to the capital city of Dhaka, the Asian Development Bank said.

The $250 million water loan approved by the Manila-based development bank for improvements in the fastest-growing city in Bangladesh includes plans for around-the-clock supplies to connected households in six Dhaka service zones and a new intake and pump station at the Meghna River east of the city. The ADB will also fund a treatment plant at Gandharbpur.

The project is expected to take pressure off the existing supply, reducing groundwater extraction by 150 million liters (40 million gallons) a day and helping the city’s water authority raise surface-water supplies to 1.9 billion liters a day by 2021, the ADB said today on its website.

Dhaka draws heavily on groundwater with the current rate of extraction not sustainable for a water table falling 2-3 meters (6.6 feet to 9.8 feet) a year, ADB said. Total project costs on completion in 2019 will be $675 million, it said.

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