Mexico Equity Movers: Alpek, Liverpool, Industrias CH, OHL, ICA

IPC -0.2% to 40,345.78 in Mexico City trading. Twelve IPC stocks rise, while 23 fall.

ADVANCERS: * Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste (ASURB MM) +2%; co. reported that 3Q profit rose 25% to 511m Pesos, Est. Adj. 450.7m Pesos * OHL Mexico (OHLMEX* MM) +2%; gained for 3rd day * Santander (SANMEXB MM) +0.5%; rose from one-week low reached on Oct. 18

DECLINERS: * Alpek (ALPEKA MM) -0.3%; co. posted 3Q net income of 537.3m pesos after mkt * Liverpool (LIVEPOLC MM) -2%; Mexico retail sales fell 2.2% in Aug. from a year earlier, national stats agency said today * Industrias CH (ICHB MM) -5.6%; falls for fifth day; heads to lowest closing level since Sept. 2012 * ICA (ICA* MM) -5%; Bank of America Corp. co. rating to neutral on concern for higher taxes

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