Cremating Fake Cats, Fake Small Businesses, Cuba's Entrepreneurs: Oct. 22

Illustration by André da Loba

Freakonomics sent “fake cats” to three pet crematories. The ashes they got back in return were from other people’s pets (audio). [Freakonomics]

Bennett J. Loudon reports on billion-dollar corporations in Rochester, N.Y., that were designated as small businesses by federal agencies that awarded contracts to them. [Democrat & Chronicle]

Andreessen Horowitz is making fewer seed-level investments because it doesn’t want entrepreneurs to think the firm is investing in their competitors, Marc Andreessen tells Connie Loizos. [StrictlyVC]

The average small business owner takes an annual salary of $68,000, writes Chad Brooks, citing data from American Express OPEN. [Fox Business]

Cuba’s entrepreneurs worry that a ban on selling imported goods will hurt their businesses. [CBS News]

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