Rising Price of Roaches, SBA Is Back, Training Cuba's Entrepreneurs: Oct. 21

Illustration by André da Loba

Barbara Demick writes that in China, the price of dried cockroaches—prized by medical and cosmetic companies—has increased tenfold to $20 a pound since 2010, encouraging roachpreneurs. [Los Angeles Times]

U.S. Small Business Administration acting boss Jeanne Hulit says the agency has reopened for business, and she describes the shutdown’s effects on its programs. [SBA.gov]

Cuba’s Catholic Church is launching a program to train would-be entrepreneurs to run small businesses permitted by a new round of economic reforms. [Associated Press]

Jessica Firger reports on a group of engineers and programmers who plan on turning themselves into cyborgs—and who may be closer than you think. [Al Jazeera America]

Can business groups beat back the Tea Party? (video) [Bloomberg Television]

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