Crowdfunding for Beer, Banksy's Street Vendor, $25 Jeans: Oct. 16

Illustration by André da Loba

Black business owners get a disproportionately small share of federal contracts, and the government shutdown isn’t likely to help, write Danielle Ivory and Kathleen Miller. [Bloomberg News]

Adriana Gardella tells the story of a dressmaker who got burned on a credit-card sale to a South African business. [New York Times]

CraftFund, a crowdfunding site for craft beer, is another example of how the funding model is getting frothier, writes Ben Schiller. [Fast Company]

The British graffiti artist Banksy, whose works often sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, set up a stall in New York’s Central Park where a street vendor sold his paintings for $60 each, Bill Hutchinson writes. [New York Daily News]

Twenty Jeans’ Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn tell Pimm Fox about breaking into the denim industry one $25 pair of jeans at a time (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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