German Renewables Wrongly Blamed for Price Hikes: SPD’s Kelber

Renewables are only to a small degree responsible for expected increase in the “EEG-Umlage,” fee Germans pay for renewable subsidies and other charges, Ulrich Kelber, a deputy head of Social Democrats’ parliamentary group, says in e-mailed statement. * Says main part of increase due to “faulty market organization, faulty construction when building the EEG-Umlage and, above all, the extensively expanded preferential treatment of so-called energy-intensive companies” * NOTE: German grid operators scheduled to announce tomorrow clean-energy fee for 2014 * NOTE: Fee this year surged 47% to 5.28 euro cents a kWh; is expected to rise to >6 euro cents a kWh next year * NOTE: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc and SPD in exploratory talks to form coalition

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