Taiwan Parliament Sets No-Confidence Vote Against Premier Jiang

Taiwan’s opposition party filed for a no-confidence vote against Premier Jiang Yi-huah over allegations he violated the constitution in the handling of a probe into the speaker of the legislature.

The no-confidence motion, set to be held Oct. 15, requires more than half of the legislature’s support. The ruling Kuomintang hold 65 of 112 seats in Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan. The opposition Democratic Progressive Party holds 40 seats.

Jiang’s predecessor, Sean Chen, survived a no-confidence vote last year over his stewardship of the economy. Chen resigned earlier this year after street protests over the economy, and Ma appointed Jiang in February.

Su Tseng-chang, who leads the Democratic Progressive Party, said last month Ma and Jiang violated Taiwan’s constitution in attempting to oust parliament speaker Wang Jin-pyng from the Kuomintang.

An appeals court upheld a temporary halt on Wang’s expulsion, preserving his position as leader of the legislature. Ma said on Sept. 11 that phone tap evidence showing Wang tried to interfere in the commercial prosecution of an opposition lawmaker made him unfit to lead.

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