Retired Israel Army Colonel Killed in West Bank Attack

An Israeli reserve army colonel was killed in a suspected terrorist attack that saw him bludgeoned to death outside his West Bank home, according to a military spokesman.

The Israeli army established checkpoints across the northern Jordan River Valley region in order to locate the perpetrators and security personnel were searching the area, according to a text message sent by the army to journalists today. The army said the man’s wife saw two Palestinians attack her husband and said the assault was motivated by nationalism. Even so, other possibilities are being examined, it said.

The incident occurred less than a week after a nine-year-old Israeli girl was slightly injured when she was stabbed while playing in the West Bank settlement of Psagot. That followed a series of attacks in the West Bank at the end of September, when an Israeli soldier was killed by a Palestinian who had worked with him at a restaurant in the coastal city of Bat Yam. Two days later, another soldier was shot by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron.

According to Israel Police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld, the officer’s wife told security forces her husband was investigating a disturbance outside their home around 1 a.m. this morning and was attacked by men armed with iron bars and axes. IDF forces detained five Palestinian suspects while combing the area, he said.

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