Prague Wants National Geographic to Apologize for Scam City

Prague wants the National Geographic Channel to apologize for a “defaming” report that pictured petty crime in Prague, alleging that it featured paid actors instead of real fraudsters.

“The police report we have suggest that the scenes in the report were manipulated and don’t depict any real situations,” Prague city council member Lukas Manhart said on Czech state TV channel CT24 today. “We need to meet with the channel’s representatives and if it’s confirmed, ask for at least an apology.”

The report, which aired in November 2012, is part of the National Geographic Channel series Scam City. It shows several situations including a dealer selling fake drugs, or a cheating taxi driver.

The fraud portrayed in the documentary is a “true rendering” of real situations and traps, which can happen to tourists in any other city, the channel said in an e-mailed statement. The National Geographic has “absolute trust” that its production team stuck to shooting protocols for using hidden cameras and follow-up interviews, it said.

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