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The Best Startup Perk? A 40-Hour Week

The Best Startup Perk? A 40-Hour Week
Photograph by Oxygen_JP/Getty Images

The clichéd perks of high-flying tech companies such as free meals, massages, and doggy daycare serve a dual purpose: They keep employees happy (office beer) and create an atmosphere that makes working long, intense hours seem not so bad.

A handful of tech startups have been touting a different approach to getting the best out of their workers: Make them work less. They’re making sure their employees go home on time, unplug at night, and enjoy their weekends. The approach, they say, makes workers happier and more productive when they are on the clock, which is also good for business. While there have been scattered calls in recent years to rein in work hours, the 9-to-5 professional life is all but extinct.