Obamacare Boost, North Korea's Choco Pie Economy, Shutdown Stories: Oct. 8

Illustration by André da Loba

James Surowiecki says Obamacare will encourage Americans to start new businesses because it will be easier for them to get health insurance. [New Yorker]

North Koreans are trading popular snack cakes called Choco Pies on informal marketplaces, writes Heesun Wee. [CNBC]

Megan McArdle questions whether a Georgia resident who claims to be the first person to enroll in a federally operated health exchange is telling the truth. [Bloomberg View]

Brian Overstreet describes how a group of startup founders lobbied the California state legislature to overturn a retroactive tax. [Xconomy]

News from day seven of the partial shutdown of the federal government (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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