Feeding Furloughed Workers, Fake Small Business Grants, 'Wantrepreneurs': Oct. 7

Illustration by André da Loba

Washington, D.C., burger chain Z-Burger offered free food to furloughed government workers—but rescinded the offer after giving away about $30,000 a day, writes Ashley Southall. [New York Times]

President Barack Obama said the partial shutdown of the federal government is crippling for small businesses, reports J.D. Harrison. [Washington Post]

Scammers are using the letterhead of the Washington, D.C., Small Business Development Center to dupe people into paying “pre-funding” fees for fictitious grants, writes Stevie Douglas. [Lubbock Online]

If you’re pitching a company that wants to be the “Airbnb for medical scrubs,” you may be a “wantrepreneur,” writes JP Mangalindan. [Forbes]

National Small Business Association President Todd McCracken discusses the pros and cons of the Affordable Care Act (video). [Bloomberg Television]

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