Egypt Says Biofuel Use Should Be Evaluated Amid Food Shortages

The use of grain and oilseed crops to make biofuels should be “looked at in great depth,” as countries face food shortages and high prices, Egypt’s minister for agriculture and land reclamation said.

“The problem of the increase of food prices has been very difficult in Egypt,” Aymane Farid Abu Hadid said through a translator during a webcast of a United Nations’ Food & Agriculture Organization meeting today in Rome. “We have large numbers of people suffering from malnutrition, which is why those foodstuffs should be used for food and not fuel.”

Egypt is historically the world’s largest wheat importer. The government is providing its poorest consumers with food ration cards, he said. The country is working to improve storage and production facilities to reduce the amount of food lost after harvest, he said.

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