Merkel Ally Altmaier Wants Germany to Boost Climate Protection

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s third-term government should increase efforts to protect the climate, one of her key party allies said.

There’s no doubt that humans largely cause climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced to avoid dangerous global warming, Environment Minister Peter Altmaier said today in Berlin. A United Nations report summary released earlier today shows that politicians need to step up efforts to protect the climate, he said.

The new German government should “push climate protection more to the forefront,” Altmaier told reporters. “There’s cause for determined political action.”

Germany, Europe’s biggest economy, plans to exit nuclear power generation by 2022 and rely on more renewable sources such as wind and solar. The country also aims to raise energy efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2020 compared with 1990 levels.

While Germany will likely reach its emissions-reduction targets, changes need to be made to Germany’s energy market to ensure coal-fired power plants aren’t favored over cleaner gas-fired power stations, Altmaier said.

“I expect climate protection to play an important role in forming a new government,” Altmaier said.

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