Merkel’s Old East Berlin Apartment Up for Rent for $74 a Night

Angela Merkel, who just won a third term as German Chancellor, lived in a small apartment in East Berlin when the Wall fell. For less than $75, you can now spend a night there.

The 55-square-meter (592-square-foot) apartment in the Prenzlauer Berg district is available for 55 euros a night, according to a listing at online rental agency Airbnb Inc.

“Our chancellor has lived within these walls,” the person who’s offering the home, identified only as Lene, writes in the listing. An e-mail seeking comment from her wasn’t immediately returned.

Merkel was renting the second-floor apartment when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, giving potential guests a taste of history, Bild newspaper reported today. The property has a bedroom, living room and a kitchen with a checkered-tiled floor, equipped with a coffee machine and a microwave oven, according to the listing.

Merkel moved into the apartment at Schoenhauser Allee 104 after squatting in an abandoned apartment on nearby Templiner Strasse, the Chancellor told Spiesser magazine earlier this month. When the Wall fell on Nov. 9, 1989, Merkel, then 35, didn’t initially cross the border. First she went to the sauna with friends and only later ventured across the Bornholmer Bridge to what was then West Berlin, according to Bild.

A government spokesman confirmed that Merkel lived in the building, though he couldn’t say whether she lived in the same apartment.

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