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Louis Vuitton Shops for Even Richer Customers

Louis Vuitton Shops for Even Richer Customers
Photograph by Jean-Pierre Lescourret

Louis Vuitton is raising its focus somewhat from the really affluent to the really, really affluent. The Paris-based conglomerate of fabulous and fussy things is launching a new line of very high-end leather handbags and accessories to complement its existing products, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

The strategy raises the question: just how much more opulent can LVMH get? The company already sells $88,000 watches, $4,000 handbags, and $1,000 scarves. But if you are asking that question, the new LVMH line isn’t for you. There’s really no ceiling in the high-end retail game (consider astrakhan, a fleece harvested from fetal lambs).