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Urban Outfitters' New App Strategy: Be Cool

Urban Outfitters' New App Strategy: Be Cool
Photograph by Scott Eells/Getty Images

At 42, Urban Outfitters has what we could call a Brooklyn dad problem: It’s trying to stay cool, keep the kids on its side, and do the grown-up, responsible thing, all at the same time. The company’s latest effort to strike the right balance is its new rewards program and the social networking-style app that goes with it.

The app asks users to upload a photo, customize the display background, and fill in a few personal details. Then it syncs with users’ social networks and distributes reward points when users mentioning the brand on Twitter or Instagram. It also gives credit to those who respond to in-app promotions such as a prompt to buy a vinyl record (a major part of Urban Outfitters’ inventory). The rewards give users a range of perks, including advance warning on sales and early access to popular merchandise and concert tickets.