Gordon Brown Said to Weigh Army Deployment in Bank Crisis: Mail

Former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown feared he’d have to use troops to quell panic as the 2008 financial crisis worsened, according to a Daily Mail report, citing extracts from a book written by one of his advisers.

Brown feared there would be civil disorder if banks shut and cash machines stopped working, according to the newspaper report today, citing Brown’s media adviser Damian McBride.

“Do we put the army on the streets, how do we get order back?” Brown asked, the night before his government announced the part-nationalization of British banks, according to McBride.

The U.K. took stakes in Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc and Lloyds Banking Group Plc in October 2008 as fears mounted about the viability of financial firms beset by debts and bad assets.

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