Lesotho Prime Minister Assures Coalition on Water Project

Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane has reassured the government’s main coalition partner that the Highlands Water Project is controlled by a committee of ministers headed by them, and not his office.

In an official speech on state-owned Lesotho Television last night, Thabane said the committee is headed by Water Affairs Minister Tim Thahane, who is a member of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy, or LCD, the second-biggest party in the coalition government.

The LCD threatened to withdraw from the 12 billion-rand ($1.3 billion) project, which will supply South Africa with water and hydroelectric power to Lesotho, after the Lesotho People’s Congress party said Thabane took control of the project following allegations that Thahane was under investigation for human trafficking. Thahane denies the allegations.

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