U.K. Plans Crackdown on Excessive Mobile-Phone Roaming Charges

The U.K. government will review how to stop mobile-phone companies levying excessive roaming charges and prevent hidden price rises when annual contracts are renewed, reflecting concern by ministers at the cost of living.

Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson also announced today that the government will examine how to help consumers spread the bulk of costly annual bills into more manageable monthly installments. Another review will focus on how to improve the transparency and content of information presented to consumers about their bills.

“I’ll be working with industry to review how we can help consumers get the best deal on a number of unavoidable, everyday expenses, which have previously been inflated with hidden or unnecessary costs,” Swinson, who’s attending her Liberal Democrat party’s conference in Glasgow, Scotland, said in an e-mailed statement. “I very much hope that businesses will see sense and change any unfair practices voluntarily. If they don’t, I am committed to using regulation to ensure consumers get the deals they deserve.”

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