HSBC Drops Small Businesses, Innovation Secret, Founders' Pedigrees: Sept. 16

Illustration by André da Loba

HSBC is shutting down business banking accounts for some small companies, reports Shayndi Raice. [Wall Street Journal]

Innovation happens when the gates are down, writes Dave Winer: “When people have to get stuff done, there’s no time to object.” [Scripting News]

For startup founders seeking venture capital, a degree from a top school, past success, and personal connections are as important as a good idea, writes Sarah McBride. [Reuters]

Some California small business owners are unhappy that they’re being forced to relocate to make way for a high-speed train, writes Gabrielle Karol. [Fox Business]

Former physician Roger Cicala started a business to rent out high-end photography equipment (video). [CNN Money]

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