Most Read on Bloomberg: Apple, Verizon, BlackRock, Policewoman

The following list comprises the of the most-read stories. Lists are based on daily statistics through Friday, Sept. 13.


1. Apple Drops as IPhone Models Reflect Shift From Pioneer: Tech

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. fell the most in almost five months after unveiling two iPhones that were criticized by analysts as lacking enough new features or a sufficiently low price to attract a broad range of new customers.

2. Verizon Produces $2.54 Billion Windfall for Bond Sale Buyers

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Verizon Communications Inc. rewarded investors with a profit of about $2.54 billion for agreeing to buy the record $49 billion of bonds it sold yesterday as the price of the securities surged.

3. BlackRock Predicts Deeper Emerging-Markets Rout: Credit Markets

Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Wall Street’s biggest firms are predicting intensifying bond losses in emerging markets, where borrowing costs have already soared to the highest in more than four years versus U.S. corporate debt, as the Federal Reserve considers curtailing record stimulus.

4. Policewoman Gang-Raped After Sister Dies Sees India Calamity

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- A police officer who was gang raped three weeks ago as she escorted her sister’s body to be cremated says the national outrage over the fatal sexual assault of a student in December has done little to change the lives of most Indian women.

5. Verizon Pays Premium to Top Apple Bond Record: Corporate Finance

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Verizon Communications Inc. paid investors a premium on an unprecedented $49 billion of bonds, a cost Apple Inc. escaped during its then-record $17 billion offering four months ago.

6. Apple Unveils New IPhones at Cheaper Price to Combat Rivals

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. unveiled two new iPhones, including a cheaper $99 version in bright colors and an updated high-end device, in a strategy shift by Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook to reach a broader range of customers around the world.

7. Stocks Advance on China Exports While Yen Weakens on Olympics

Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Stocks rose in the U.S. and emerging markets and currencies from South Korea’s won to Malaysia’s ringgit strengthened as Chinese exports topped forecasts. Japanese shares gained and the yen weakened after Tokyo was selected to host the 2020 Olympics.

8. How Wal-Mart’s Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune: Taxes

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Visitors to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville, Arkansas, leave appreciative notes on a glass wall near the entrance.

9. Druckenmiller Says Fed Exit Would Be ‘Big Deal’ for Markets

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Stanley Druckenmiller, who boasts one of the hedge-fund industry’s best long-term track records of the past three decades, said it would be a “big deal” for financial markets if the Federal Reserve were to completely end its asset purchases as outlined over the next 12 months.

10. Ex-JPMorgan Trader Fighting Charges Said to Point to Iksil

Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Julien Grout, a former JPMorgan Chase & Co. trader charged with trying to hide the bank’s record trading loss last year, is arguing to prosecutors that he was following orders from his then-boss, Bruno Iksil, people with knowledge of the matter said.


1. Good Times Are Rolling Again in the Hamptons: William D. Cohan

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- The most disappointing fact about how little things have changed on Wall Street five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. is not that the Dodd-Frank Act is ineffective.

2. Are Emerging Economies Approaching a Lost Decade?: Anders Aslund

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Financial markets are signaling that several major emerging economies may be approaching crisis.

3. Major in Engineering, No Hard Courses Required: Norman Matloff

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- California Polytechnic State University’s campus in San Luis Obispo has an odd-sounding new major: liberal arts and engineering studies. What’s next, chemistry and philosophy? Statistics and mythology (“lies, damned lies and myths”)?

4. Five Least Bad Reasons for the Fed to Taper Now: Caroline Baum

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- There is no time like the present. That’s what my mother and father always told me, and that’s something the Federal Reserve should keep in mind when policy makers gather next week to consider tapering asset purchases.

5. Why Didn’t Anyone at Lehman Get Pinched?: Jonathan Weil

Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- The most frustrating part of the Securities and Exchange Commission’s investigation of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. isn’t that the agency never sued any of its former executives. It’s that that the SEC never explained its reasons or told the public what it found.


1. Carney Says BOE Guidance Is Reinforcing U.K. Recovery

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of England Governor Mark Carney talks about the bank’s forward guidance policy, unemployment target and inflation outlook.

2. New Stingray Quickest Base Corvette Ever, Engineer Says

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Tadge Juechter, chief engineer for the Chevrolet Corvette at General Motors Co., provides a walk-around tour of the 2014 Corvette Stingray in a promotional video from GM.

3. Apple Unveils New IPhone 5C With Cheaper Price

Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple Inc., and Phil Schiller, senior vice president, speak about the new iPhone 5C, which will start selling at $99 with a two-year contract and come in five colors.

4. Artemis Racing Failure to Reach Americas Cup

Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- This report contains video of Artemis Racing, which challenged for the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco and represents the Royal Swedish Yacht Club.

5. Stan Druckenmiller Says Fed Exit Would Be ‘Big Deal’

Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Stanley Druckenmiller, founder of Duquesne Capital Management LLC and one of the best performing hedge fund managers of the past three decades, talks about U.S. entitlement spending, political gridlock in Washington, Federal Reserve policy and leadership, and investment strategy.

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