Cameron’s Lawmakers Protest Over Cuts to U.K. Troop Numbers

Lawmakers from Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative Party have written to Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to protest cuts to the number of full-time U.K. troops.

The government’s plan to reduce the size of regular army by 20,000 and replace them with reservists is jeopardizing Britain’s defenses, according to the letter signed by 25 rank-and-file Tory lawmakers.

“We’re getting to the point with regards cuts to our armed forces where we’re not just cutting to the bone, we’re cutting into the bone,” lawmaker John Baron told BBC Radio 4 today. “We’re not convinced that this idea of replacing 20,000 regular troops with reservists will produce the costs savings envisaged, but we are pretty sure it’s going to produce capability gaps that could cost us dear in the future.”

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