Madrid Shouldn’t Bid for Olympics After Failures, Mayor Says

Madrid Mayor Ana Botella said the Spanish city shouldn’t bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, after missing out on the 2020 edition last week.

Botella’s comments at a conference in Madrid were broadcast by Television Espanola. She said she had informed Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of her view.

Tokyo was selected as the 2020 summer games host on Sept. 7, beating Istanbul and Madrid in a vote of International Olympic Committee members. It’s the third straight failure by Madrid, which also missed out to London for 2012 and Rio de Janeiro for 2016.

Spain’s Education Minister Jose Ignacio Wert, who also oversees sports, told TVE that Botella’s opinion was “correct and prudent” because bidding for the 2024 games will be even more competitive. Paris and Berlin are almost certain to try for the 2024 games, Wert said.

“The competition will be very strong,” Wert told Television Espanola. Botella’s view “has all our support,” he added.

Madrid officials had told IOC members last week in Buenos Aires that 80 percent of Olympic venues were ready and the games would help revive its economy after a six-year slump.

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