Activist Molly Katchpole on Battling Bank Fees

“I thought we were just going to raise some hell”

Nov. 1, 2011: A petition leads Bank of America to kill a charge for debit cards

The fee really depressed me. It’s not like it was this obscene amount of money—$5 a month—but really, like the banks don’t have enough? The petition was a way to put words to a lot of the frustration people were feeling. I was being portrayed as just this average person who had finally had it. In truth, I was a nanny half the time and the other half I worked on messaging for progressive politicians and organizations. As a publicity stunt, I’d closed my account and cut up my card on TV—I had all my cash in my sock drawer. I thought we were just going to raise some hell about it and cause a bit of ruckus. I didn’t think they were going to back off. — As told to John Tozzi

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