Immigration Reform, Burger Joint Pays $15 an Hour, Hugh Jackman's Startup: Sept. 11

Illustration by André da Loba

As Congress dawdles on immigration reform, countries like China, Germany, Canada, and Australia are making plays to attract high-tech talent, writes former AOL Chief Executive Officer Steve Case. [Wall Street Journal]

The owners of Detroit burger joint Moo Cluck Moo are raising employees’ wages to $15 an hour, writes Daniel Gross. [Daily Beast]

A California company called Just Food For Dogs is putting high-end ingredients like wild salmon and organic quinoa into dog food, writes Jane Wells. [CNBC]

Actor Hugh Jackman explains how his travels in Ethiopa led him to launch a coffee company. [PandoDaily]

Auction Systems’ founder Deb Weidenhamer talks about the negatives of being on reality television (video). [Fox Business]

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