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Why Did AMC Split Breaking Bad's Final Season Into Two?

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston in Breaking BadPhotograph by Ursula Coyote/AMC via Everett Collection

Few TV shows can leave audiences hanging with the agonizing effect of AMC’s hit show Breaking Bad. (Viewers of last night’s episode, in which many of the show’s essential characters find themselves embroiled in a firefight just as the credits begin to roll, will testify to this.) But at least one Breaking Bad fan found the network’s larger practice of dragging out its hit shows just too much to bear.

The Breaking Bad fan, from Ohio, sued Apple for defining Breaking Bad’s 16 final episodes as two separate seasons, rather than as different parts of the same season, as AMC does. When Noam Lazebnik purchased a Season Pass on iTunes at the beginning of Season Five, he expected to get the final 16 episodes. But Apple is selling the last eight episodes as a separate season, under the moniker, “The Final Episodes.” Lazebnik argues that the company defrauded him, and everyone else who purchased an HD version of the show, out of $22.99. People who bought the standard definition version should get $14.99, he says.