Syria Speaker Urges U.S. to Abstain From Reckless Action

Syria’s parliament Speaker Mohammed Jihad Laham urged the U.S. not to rush into any “irresponsible, reckless action,” the state-run SANA news agency said.

In a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Laham called on the U.S. not to engage in a “fire and blood” dialogue with Syria, SANA reported. Laham said the two countries should work together to combat terrorism. “We should not be enemies, but allies,” Laham said.

Laham invited the U.S. to send a delegation to Syria as soon as possible to assess the situation before taking a decision that “is linked to human lives.”

He asked Boehner to circulate the letter to members of Congress before the debate on a U.S. airstrike begins. It contained Syrian allegations about the use of chemical weapons by rebels as well as a brief account of what Syria terms its war against terrorism.

Laham’s letter came after the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to authorize a limited military strike against Syria, clearing the way for consideration of the resolution by the full Senate when it returns from a five-week break on Sept. 9.

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