Penn President Gutmann’s Pay Rose 43% to Top $2 Million

University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann received compensation valued at $2.09 million in the year ended June 2012, up 43 percent from a year earlier.

Gutmann’s total pay rose from $1.46 million in the period ended June 2011, according to tax reports filed by Philadelphia-based Penn. At that time, she was the third-highest paid college president in the eight-member Ivy League, after Columbia University’s Lee Bollinger and Yale University’s Richard Levin, and the 12th-highest-paid university president in the U.S., according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Gutmann’s pay package for the year ended June 2012 included $1.08 million in base salary, up 18 percent, and $1.01 million in other compensation and benefits. She was paid more than twice as much as Harvard University President Drew Faust, a former Penn history professor who received $899,734, including about $129,000 for the use of a home, in the same year.

“We have the best university president in the country in Amy Gutmann and we believe her compensation should reflect that reality,” said David Cohen, chairman of Penn’s Board of Trustees. “Dr. Gutmann’s compensation is very much performance driven, and speaks to the extraordinary success that she has had in recent years.”

Tax reports from the nonprofit universities’ most recent fiscal year aren’t yet available.

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