Ex-Citigroup Credit-Swaps Trader Julia Numair Joins Startup

Julia Numair, who traded credit-default swaps indexes at Citigroup Inc. before leaving in March, joined an online “digital doorman” company founded by two other ex-Wall Street credit employees.

Numair started last month as head of sales and marketing for Clean Cube, which provides dry-cleaning drop-off and other services to New York residential buildings without doormen, she said in an interview this week. The company was started by Arthur Shmulevsky, a former UBS AG structured credit employee who left the bank in 2012, and Ryan Agran, a structured credit salesman at Morgan Stanley before departing in March.

Numair left Citigroup after almost five years with the bank, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority records show. Scott Helfman, a spokesman for New York-based Citigroup, declined to comment, as did Megan Stinson of UBS.

Clean Cube puts passcode-accessed cubbies in the lobbies of apartment buildings in New York that are used for laundry and dry-cleaning drop-off. They plan to include package and grocery delivery, security services, and building community boards, Shmulevsky said in an interview. More than half of their current backers work or worked in credit sales or trading, he said.

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