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Google Reels In Its Latest Internet-TV Device

Google’s Chromecast
Google’s ChromecastPhotograph by Jaime Henry-White/AP Images

Google has been eager to get into television for a while now. First there was Google TV, which fell flat after content owners blocked it and consumers complained about the quality. Then there was Q, a glowing orb intended to stream media; it died before it ever had a chance. Now there is Chromecast, and there’s no way Google will let independent developers screw this one up.

Chromecast is little device that plugs into the back of a television, allowing users to send video to their TVs from the Chrome Web browser, and it has a lot going for it. At $35, it’s cheap. It’s also compatible with any device that can run apps and a Web browser, unlike Apple TV, which was designed for people using Apple laptops, phones, and tablets. This fits nicely into Google’s stated philosophy of openness. But the company seems to be taking a step to make the device less open.