Polish Prime Minister Tusk Reappointed Civic Platform Chairman

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk was reappointed as chairman of the country’s ruling party as he seeks to reassert his leadership and tackle slumping popular support two years before general elections.

Tusk won 79.6 percent of Civic Platform members’ votes, Krystyna Skowronska, head of the party’s electoral committee, said today at a conference in Warsaw. Turnout in the first direct elections for party leader was 51.1 percent, she said.

Civic Platform has fallen behind the opposition Law and Justice in opinion polls for the first time since September 2007 as the European Union’s largest eastern economy battles its worst economic slowdown in more than a decade. Tusk became the first Polish premier to win re-election since the fall of communism and has led his party since 2003.

Jaroslaw Gowin, an ex-justice minister, won 20.4 percent of party members’ votes, Skowronska said. Civic Platform has 206 deputies in the 460-seat lower chamber of parliament and runs a majority government with the Peasant’s Party.

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