Fuhu's 'Cute' Tablets, Altucher's 'Ultimate Cheat Sheet,' Pitching at Y Combinator: August 21

Illustration by André da Loba

Fuhu, which makes “cute, soft-sided” Android tablets for children, topped the Inc. 5000, writes Burt Helm. [Inc.]

Jordan Crook has blurbs on startups pitching at Y Combinator’s summer demo day. [TechCrunch]

James Altucher issues the “ultimate cheat sheet for starting and running a business.” His rules: “I’m going to give no explanations. Just listen to me.” [Quora]

Companies often unintentionally undermine women trying to make the “fundamental identity shift” of becoming a leader. [Harvard Business Review]

Are smart watches like former Kickstarter project Pebble just a fad, or the next big thing (video)? [Bloomberg Television]

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