Egypt’s Mubarak May Be Freed Pending Trials

A Cairo court ordered Hosni Mubarak released over accusations that he accepted gifts from a state-run organization, raising the possibility the former president may soon be freed pending trials for a series of charges against him.

The court said Mubarak should be freed if he’s not being held in relation to any other cases. The decision means Mubarak will be released as he’s already been ordered free pending the other probes and cases, the state-run Middle East News Agency said. State television said prosecutors were considering whether to appeal the order though MENA, citing an unidentified judicial official, said the ruling was “final.”

His release would inject new tension in the standoff between the Muslim Brotherhood and the military-backed government and provide ammunition to those who accuse the new leadership of restoring the kind of police state that Mubarak led for three decades. Secular and Islamist activists alike have demanded he be held accountable for the deaths of protesters during the 2011 rallies that swept him from power.

State-run Nile News said Mubarak could be freed tomorrow, citing his lawyer. Farid ElDib, his lawyer, couldn’t be reached when called on his mobile phone. On Aug. 19, ElDib said in an interview that Mubarak could go home “in two to three days.”

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