Oriental Bank of Commerce and Syndicate Bank CDs Deals: Indian

By Pooja Saraf August 19.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing certificate of deposits dealt by Indian companies. The data has been provided by LKP Securities Limited, NVS Brokerage Ltd., SPA Securities Ltd. and Trust Financial Consultancy Services.

T = Tentative C = Confirmed

Deal Date Sect Mty Date Qtm(Crs.) Rate Buyer Seller CTRB Status 19-Aug-13 OBC 05-Mar-14 11.50 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 OBC 05-Mar-14 25 11.50 LKPS T 19-Aug-13 OBC 05-Mar-14 11.50 SPAS T 19-Aug-13 SYNDICATE 03-Sep-13 25 11.10 KMF LKPS T 19-Aug-13 SYNDICATE 03-Sep-13 11.10 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 CORPI 02-Sep-13 11.10 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 SBH 24-Feb-14 11.58 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 SBH 24-Feb-14 11.58 LKPS T 19-Aug-13 FEDERAL 03-Sep-13 50 11.22 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 FEDERAL 03-Sep-13 50 11.22 HSBC MF LKPS T 19-Aug-13 VIJAYA MAR-14 11.68 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 OBC MAR-14 11.64 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 SBH 03-Sep-13 50 11.05 LKPS T 19-Aug-13 BOB FEB-14 11.65 LKPS T 19-Aug-13 SYNDICATE 30-Aug-13 50 10.90 NVSB T 19-Aug-13 CANARA 05-Mar-14 25 11.55 CORPORATE TFCS T 19-Aug-13 SBH 24-Feb-14 25 11.43 CORPORATE TFCS T 19-Aug-13 CORPI MAR-14 11.70 LKPS T 19-Aug-13 INDIAN 21-Mar-14 25 11.60 MF LKPS T

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