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LinkedIn’s New Strategy: Get Them While They’re Young

LinkedIn’s Mountain View (Calif.) headquarters
LinkedIn’s Mountain View (Calif.) headquartersPhotograph by Noah Berger/AP Images

High school students are notoriously susceptible to temptations that can turn into lifetime habits. Smoking. Drinking. What about online career networking?

LinkedIn on Monday said it would open its website to minors for the first time starting on Sept. 12, allowing kids as young as 13 to sign up for the service in most countries. In the U.S., however, the minimum age will be set at 14, while aspiring professionals in China, which has strict rules on Web use for minors, will have to wait until they’re 18. The professional-networking site also announced it’s creating pages for universities, which the schools themselves will maintain, in the hopes that ambitious high school students will begin using LinkedIn to help decide which college to attend.