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Can A $199 Home Alarm the Size of a Beer Can Protect You?

Can This Beer Can-Sized Device Protect Your Home?
The Canary home security device pairs with your smart phone
The Canary home security device pairs with your smart phoneCourtesy Canary

Coming home after a 10-day vacation with his family, Adam Sager suddenly got the sense that something was terribly wrong. “As I approached the house—I was about a block away—I got this feeling of trepidation, almost a feeling of vulnerability, because I had no idea what had happened in my house while I’d been gone,” says Sager, who formerly worked as a corporate security adviser to Fortune 500 companies. “I’ve been thinking about security for a really long time but never really thought about it for my own house.”

As it turned out, Sager’s house was unharmed, but he resolved to get a security system. As a renter, he didn’t want to install sensors all over the house, which eliminated the normal options provided by stalwarts such as ADT. Unsatisfied by various DIY systems sold at Best Buy and elsewhere, Sager finally decided to found a company and build his own device.