How Much Is the CEO Worth? For Women, It’s 17 Percent Less

The gender gap in CEO pay is 17 percent.

According to data compiled by Bloomberg, many of the women who’ve made it to the top of S&P 500 companies have yet to find equality in pay.

Women CEOs last year earned on average $10.94 million, about 17 percent less than what their male counterparts made. As Bloomberg writers Carol Hymowitz and Cécile Daurat point out, a lot of factors go into calculating compensation, including performance and experience. In addition, women typically start their careers at a lower pay scale. But even when they reach the top, the gap persists.

There are exceptions: Marissa Mayer, recruited from Google to save Yahoo!, received total compensation of $36.6 million, more than many CEOs in tech—male or female.

Then there’s Patti Hart, the chief executive officer of International Game Technology. She received $6 million in total compensation last year—65 percent lower than the average CEO pay in her industry.

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