How to Avoid Leadership Derailment

Photograph by Philip Gatward/Getty Images

So much research and so many books have been written on supervision, management, and leadership, and yet research shows that 50 percent to 60 percent of managers fail. Every university has programs devoted to training leaders. Seminars are available everywhere, every day, and still one out of two (or more) will not deliver on expectations. Some fail quietly, but many fail spectacularly, their acts painfully obvious to all. Spitzer, Petreaus, Weiner, Armstrong, Congress, Lay, Skilling—the list goes on and on. It happens less spectacularly on a daily basis in businesses, public agencies, hospitals, schools, and governments that touch each of us every day. It causes stress and heartbreak, worry and confusion, and it causes huge losses in profit, customer satisfaction, and employee morale. It goes on and on and on without end.

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