Glock’s Ex-Wife Helga Wins Alimony Fight With Austrian Gun Maker

The ex-wife of Austrian gun maker Gaston Glock is entitled to alimony from her ex-husband regardless of her own wealth, Austria’s highest court ruled.

Helga Glock may now receive an allowance based on her former husband’s income, which will have to be determined in a new proceeding, Christoph Brenn, a spokesman for the Vienna-based court, said by phone today. The verdict, made July 3 and delivered to the parties this week, overturns rulings by two lower courts in southern Austria, Brenn said.

“The plaintiff had demanded alimony from her husband, who objected that she has such a high income herself that she can cover her cost of living,” Brenn said. “The court rejected that and ruled that the alimony has to be calculated the same way as for lower incomes because the spouse that was innocently divorced is entitled to share the wealth of the other spouse.”

The verdict is the latest instance in a bitter feud between 84-year-old Gaston Glock, the Austrian inventor of the handgun used by two-thirds of U.S. police departments, and his wife of 49 years until they divorced in 2011. A separate case in which Helga is seeking to regain a significant stake in Glock GmbH is still pending at the highest court in Austria.

While the ruling is final, figuring out the amount of alimony Helga Glock can claim may follow the same route to the country’s top court, Brenn said. Helga hired an Atlanta law firm earlier this year to try to gain access to Gaston’s financial holdings through the U.S courts.

Helga Glock’s law firm, Willheim Mueller Rechtsanwaelte, and Claudia Wolfahrt, a spokeswoman for Gaston Glock, didn’t immediately respond to calls seeking comment.

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