At ModCloth, Vintage Fashion Goes Mobile

ModCloth finds a way around an Amazon showdown—on the iPad
Most e-commerce companies “don’t really get the fashion.” —Susan Koger Photograph courtesy ModCloth

Going head to head with online retailers like can be a life-ending experience for e-tailing startups. Amazon can sew up markets at the expense of short-term profitability. To survive, smaller sites have focused on social online-shopping tools such as the pinboard-style comments section on Fancy’s retail site, or have pursued a niche such as moms-and-kids outfitter Zulily. Retro geek-chic site ModCloth, which sells new clothes in vintage styles, has done both, using customer feedback to decide what items and apparel lines to stock. It’s used that information to develop smartphone and tablet apps that are driving traffic and sales.

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