Fuel Oil Shipments to Asia Rise to 2.3 Million Tons in September

More fuel oil cargoes were scheduled last week to arrive in Asia in September from western countries, shipping data shows.

At least 12 tankers, including very six large crude carriers, or VLCCs, are booked to arrive in the region from the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean, according to data from shipbrokers including Poten & Partners Inc., Clarkson Plc and ICAP Shipping International Ltd. and information from traders. The ships are set to carry 2.3 million metric tons of fuel oil, compared with 360,000 tons booked as of the previous week. Some fixtures are provisional and may be changed or canceled.

August arrivals rose to 4.2 million tons from 3.9 million tons, the data show. Fuel oil’s East-West spread, or the premium of Asian cargoes to European prices, was $21.27 a ton on Aug. 2, up from $7.03 a ton a week earlier, according to Bloomberg data. It has averaged $28.11 this year.

The following is a summary of tankers reported as contracted to carry fuel oil to Asia. Volumes are in thousands of tons. Arrival times are calculated based on information on the e-ships.net website and assume a total of four days for loading and discharging at ports. A VLCC can carry about 270,000 tons of oil.

Vessel Name  Cargo Size  Loading         Arrival     Charterer
             (’000 tons)
Vessel to Singapore
Callisto Glory      270  Rotterdam       Sept. 22    Litasco
Cerigo              270  U.S. Gulf       Sept. 11    Mercuria
Seacross            130  U.S. Gulf       Sept. 10    Westport
Alpine Alaska       100  U.K. Continent  Sept. 9     Petrobras
Stena Superior      130  U.S. Gulf       Sept. 7     PMI
Densa Whale         130  U.S. Gulf       Sept. 6     Westport
Violando            130  U.S. Gulf       Sept. 6     Mercuria

Cargoes to Far East
Riverside           100  U.K. Continent  Sept. 15    Vitol
Unknown cargoes   1,080  Venezuela       Sept.       PetroChina
Total             2,340

Vessels to Singapore
Nissos Paros         80  Caribbean       Aug. 31     CNR
Mazyonah            280  Rotterdam       Aug. 27     Vitol
Maersk Hirado       270  Caribbean       Aug. 27     Repsol
Zhongji No. 2        42  South Africa    Aug. 27     Chevron
Cape Bonny          130  U.S. Gulf       Aug. 26     Westport
Orpheas             130  U.S. Gulf       Aug. 25     Mercuria
Mesdar              270  Rotterdam       Aug. 25     Cargill
Maersk Simone       270  U.K. Continent  Aug. 23     Petroineos
Rio Apure           130  Greece          Aug. 17     ST Shipping
Blank               140  U.S.            Aug. 14     Westport
Genmar George T     130  Tallin          Aug. 14     Newton
Cape Bowen          130  Tallin          Aug. 10     Newton
Mare Siculum        130  Caribbean       Aug. 9      Castleton
Princimar Integrity 130  Caribbean       Aug. 9      Tipco
Navig8 TBN          270  Rotterdam       Aug. 8      Petroineos
Ashkini Spirit      130  U.S. Gulf       Aug. 7      PMI
SKS Segura          130  Southwold       Aug. 1      SK

Vessels to India
Astro Sculptor      80   Algeria         Aug. 31     Reliance

Vessels to Far East
Amoureux            130  U.K. Continent  Aug. 9      Koch
Nordic Discovery    130  Cyprus          Aug. 8      Clearlake
Unknown cargoes   1,080  Venezuela       August      PetroChina
Total             4,212

Vessels to Singapore
Ariadni             130  Rotterdam       July 21     CNR
Maran Capricorn     270  U.K. Continent  End July    BP
Yangtze Rhyme       280  U.S. Gulf       July 18     Glasford
Rio Genoa           140  U.S. Gulf       End July    Vitol
Achilleas           270  U.S. Gulf       End July    Mercuria
Searacer            135  Cyprus          Mid July    Solal
Gulf Eyadah         270  U.S. Gulf       1H July     Westport
Almi Galaxy         130  U.S. Gulf       1H July     Castleton
Leo Glory           280  Rotterdam       July 10     Vitol
Samco Scandinavia   270  U.S. Gulf       July 4      Mercuria
Archway             130  Bilbao          July 4      Repsol

Vessels to India
Gnmtc TBN           80   Malta           July 25     CNR

Vessels to Far East
Unknown cargoes   1,080  Venezuela       July        PetroChina
Total             3,465


2013 Volume September 2,340 August 4,212 July 3,465 June 3,610 May 4,120 April 3,475 March 3,720 February 2,740 January 4,740 2012 December 3,635 November 4,450 October 4,460 September 3,715 August 3,600 July 2,495 June 3,930 May 3,660 April 4,625 March 4,205 February 4,585 January 4,905 2011 December 3,880 November 2,960 October 2,010 September 2,720 August 2,170 July 3,495
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