YouTube Riches, Obamacare Money, Tampon Subscriptions: August 2

Illustration by André da Loba

Jack Conte makes more than $6,000 from fans’ donations for each video he posts to YouTube, and he’s co-founded a digital tip jar company called Patreon to help others do the same. [AllThingsD]

Small business lobbyists left and right aren’t happy with Obama’s corporate tax reform proposal. [Washington Post]

The government unveils a new website meant to guide businesses through health-care reform. []

With Obamacare’s employer mandate delayed, some businesses plan to spend health-care money on other things. [Wall Street Journal]

A startup selling tampons through a monthly subscription service—an idea that makes some intuitive sense—drew attention with a YouTube video that got more than 3 million views since it went live this week. [PandoDaily]

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