Tipless Restaurants, Deceptive Obamacare Polling, Super Bowl Ads: August 1

Illustration by André da Loba

How (and why) to run a tipless restaurant. [Jay Porter]

One lucky small business will get a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl next year, courtesy of an Intuit marketing stunt, Joyce Rosenberg reports. [Associated Press]

Glenn Kessler debunks a deceptive U.S. Chamber poll that purported to show small businesses plan to cut workers and hours under Obamacare. [Washington Post]

Delaying the employer mandate piece of Obamacare could mean 1 million fewer people get insurance through their jobs in 2014 and cost the government $12 billion. [Wall Street Journal]

Amy Cortese looks at the obscure world of do-it-yourself IPOs. [New York Times]

Video: The origin of the HeadBlade, a razor designed for shaving the dome. [Ironic Sans]

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