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Book Review: 'The Sports Gene' by David Epstein

Why 10,000 hours of practice and a quarter will get you a phone call
Book Review: 'The Sports Gene' by David Epstein

One day in the early Aughts, Malcolm Gladwell, a writer at the New Yorker, was looking for a body of work that would provide a counterintuitive and inspiring take on how to succeed. At some point he came across K. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist who’d looked at musicians and found that the significant difference between a middling music teacher and a concert soloist was 10,000 hours of dedicated practice.

Ericsson’s work formed just one chapter in Outliers, the book Gladwell ended up writing, but it was the part that came to stand for the whole. Since then, countless dreamers have run with the idea, testing whether they’re 10,000 hours from greatness in one discipline or another.