Video Game Makers Quit, Vodka Boycott, Obamacare Reactions: July 31

Illustration by André da Loba

Indie video game designers endure vicious abuse from players on social media—enough to make some leave the industry, Ben Kuchera reports. [Penny Arcade Report]

Jeremy Quittner finds a story of intrigue behind Stolichnaya vodka, a brand that some Americans are boycotting to protest Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay crackdown. The company that sells Stoli in the U.S., it turns out, isn’t Russian. [Inc.]

Responding to regulators, entrepreneurs and investors are forming a self-regulatory group for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Robin Sidel reports. [Wall Street Journal]

Jason Del Rey reports on layoffs at, on the heels of a big fund-raise. [AllThingsD]

Venture capitalist Brad Feld says entrepreneurs need to listen to feedback but learn to make their own decisions among conflicting opinions and data. [Feld Thoughts]

John Tucker reports on a recent Senate hearing that gauged small employers’ reactions to Obamacare (radio). [Bloomberg Radio]

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