Alberta Unseeded Acres Rise 24% From Year Earlier on Moisture

The amount of farmland in Alberta that went unseeded rose 24 percent from a year earlier because of excess moisture, the province’s insurer said.

A total of 117,390 acres of insured farmland has not been seeded this year, up from 94,922 acres in 2012, according to Agricultural Financial Services Corporation, a government-owned company that provides crop insurance, loans and disaster assistance for Alberta farmers. About 19,000 unseeded acres are located in areas where at least 10 percent of the land could not be planted because of wet conditions and are eligible for insurance payouts, said Nancy Smith, an area-operating coordinator for AFSC.

Insurance payments to farmers will average C$45 ($43.65) per unseeded acre, Smith said.

Alberta is the second-largest grower of spring wheat and canola in Canada, government data show. Damage to farmland in southern Alberta was not widespread after the region’s worst floods on record, the province’s agriculture ministry said in June. AFSC insures 14.6 million acres.

“We were wet, but we weren’t extremely wet,” Smith said in a telephone interview from Lacombe, Alberta. “The flooding came after it was seeded.”

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