Cameron Wants Access to ‘Depraved’ Child Abuse Websites Blocked

Internet companies need to act to block access to “depraved and disgusting” child abuse images or face legal controls, British Prime Minister David Cameron will say.

“We need to have very, very strong conversations with those companies about saying ‘No, you shouldn’t provide results for some terms that are so depraved and disgusting,’” Cameron will say in an interview to be broadcast by the British Broadcasting Corp. today “I think there’s going to be a big argument there, and if we don’t get what we need we’ll have to look at legislation.”

He said the extra steps he favors represents “an argument on behalf of Britain’s parents and children I’m prepared to have.”

During his interview on the “Andrew Marr” program, Cameron also said he would like to see more restrictions on access to legal pornography that can be seen online by children.

“There are rules about what films you can see in a cinema, what age you have to be to buy alcohol or cigarettes,” Cameron will say, according to a transcript of the interview provided by the BBC. “But on the internet, there aren’t those rules, so we need to help parents with control.”

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